Saturday, March 22, 2008

WPPI was a blast!

Ok it's definitely time that I catch up on blogging. The past week was a whirlwind of fun. I was so lucky to be able to make it out to Vegas for the WPPI convention which draws a ton of really talented photographers from all over. I was so grateful to be able to meet so many of them from around the country! Thanks so much to Armin who brought me as his guest =) He introduced me to a great group of photographers he knows from DC at the Pictage party on Monday night. There was also a photo booth that was a great addition to the party! This was just the beginning of the night.

Kenny Kim ended up with the majority of the pictures from the photo booth, so check his blog for them. Hopefully he will post them soon.

Earlier in the day we lucky enough to run into Becker at the trade show. I just had to get a picture sporting our "[b]log stalker" shirt. It was so cool that he was able to get them made in time for WPPI! I am borrowing these photos from Armin's blog since he took more pictures than I did. =)

Becker posted another one on his blog too! =) Then the three of us outside the Paris hotel after Becker took our headshots. Becker will be posting the headshots soon on his [b] school blog.

It seemed like a lot of people had flight issues on their way out to Vegas, whether it was getting stuck at a layover or luggage not making it. But after travel issues, I finally got a chance to meet up with Mary Beth Tyson who is a really talented photographer from Florida. I had so much fun hanging out with her and her super cool group of friends and fellow wedding photographers: Kimberly Jarman, Amy Martin, Jennifer Bowen, and JT. It was great meeting you guys! Sadly between all of us, we didn't get a group shot. But here is one Armin took of me, Mary Beth, and Amy at lunch.

The 4 days out in Vegas were jam packed with fun and new friends. What an amazing experience!

The other thing that blows me away about Vegas is the buffet lines... you have to get right back in line after you finish one meal so you can eat the next time you're hungry... if you've been, you know what I'm talking about...


Mary Beth Tyson Photography said...

Hey Erin

Great meeting you!!! I LOVE the image of you on Armin's blog!

Talk to you soon!

mary beth

David Burke said...

Erin! It was great meeting you. I hope to see you again soon. Good Luck with your adventures. YOu are WELL on your way!


Steve said...

Great post, bummed I did not go this year, but plan on it next year for sure. Look forward to hearing what you learned with next months get together.

Armin de Fiesta said...

Erin, next time you feel like freeloading on someone, pick someone else okay?

... haha, just kidding. Loved having you. WPPI 09 baby!

jenniferbowen said...

Hi Erin! It was great meeting you and sharing dinner at PF Chang's that night! You look like you are doing great!

Bauhaus Wedding Photography said...

I love the photos from WPPI. I can't wait to go for the first time this year.

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