Thursday, March 6, 2008

Portraits: Lindsay and Travis

Day 2 continued...
Armin's shoot was earlier in the morning on Saturday, then we met Lindsay and Travis later that afternoon. They had a little trouble navigating to meet us because of the St. Patrick's Day parade that was going on downtown. They ended up finding us without too many detours. Armin stayed mostly in the background for this shoot to give us any suggestions, and took a few pictures of his own.

However, poor Travis had been battling the flu that's been going around, but thankfully he got a little better before coming out for the shoot. We met them out at the water and took a few pictures there before walking around for some shaded pictures. Here is some of that rim lighting that I'm now obsessed with!

I just love the way these two look at each other. You can tell how much they're in love, and it just radiates. It made it really easy to take pictures of them as well.

Travis got really excited about the whole process and he started picking out great places for photos.

So if you read Armin's post, you probably realized that we don't mind bending a few minor laws (trespassing) to get our shots. We absolutely loved this green/blue bench here, but the person's house it was in front of had a boring backdrop. So Chris and Travis just borrowed it for a little while. They moved it a little bit down the road for a better look. Don't worry, we returned it to its rightful place. They pretty much look like models don't they?

Then we came back around to this awesome yellow wall and had to stop for a few more shots here.

Here is Lindsay workin' the model pose and Travis being his handsome self =)

And this last one shows just how cute these two are. Thank you guys so much for being so awesome to work with and really getting into it!

We had one more shoot from this past Saturday to wrap up our busy day of shooting. That'll be coming up in the next post. This was a true engagement shoot and we're so happy we were able to capture some great shots for this fun couple!


Armin de Fiesta said...

Freakin' awesome results!! Way cool!

Erin J. Photography Blog said...

I see you've found my favorite yellow wall! :-)
Pictures look great! I love shooting in Old Town!

Nicholaus Haskins said...

Man you guys' work is progressing! Armin must be a fantabulous teacher!

Smez said...

I love the B&W pic walking down the cobble stone looking street!

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