Saturday, March 8, 2008

Engagment: Quinn and Geoff

This has been a busy week between unpacking from our trip last weekend, editing photos, and blogging. This was our last photo shoot while up in the DC area.

Quinn and Geoff got engaged shortly after midnight on New Years Eve up in Washington, DC. 2007 was filled with hard times for Quinn and her family, and had mentioned to Geoff that she would rather wait and start the new year off right. Meanwhile, Geoff had bought a ring back in October and was anxiously waiting for the first possible moment to ask Quinn to spend the rest of her life with him. Shortly before midnight they took a walk down by the White House and found a spot to spend a few quiet moments together. Geoff did all he could to hold off until midnight, despite the really cold weather, and as soon as the new year had arrived he bent down on one knee and asked Quinn to marry him.

Even a few months later, the weather was pretty nippy for their engagement photo session in Old Town Alexandria. We got some really great photos of these two before the sun went down and the winds picked up. Here are some of our favorites.

Quinn has the most beautiful bright blue eyes! (And there is no enhancement here.)

These guys were up for climbing on rail cars and loading docks for us. Thanks for being so open minded, hehe =)

The gorgeous ring!

And this street sign was just perfect! (I think Geoff would agree.)

Thanks for braving the cold with us! Best of luck with the rest of your wedding planning!


Noah Hayes said...

Awesome photos! Yeah, her eyes are gorgeous! Well you picked a great town to shoot in. Every other street is Duke, King, Prince, Queen, ect.

Courtney said...

awesome work, guys!!

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