Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Portraits: Armin

Day 2.

While Day 1 was mostly learning, Day 2 Chris and I were running the show. We had 3 photo shoots for the day in the very colorful Old Town Alexandria area. We went through the shoots the way we normally would, but had Armin give us some feedback on different ideas to get our subjects interacting together and make them more comfortable in front of a camera as well as being our local tour guide =). Before we got into the couple's shoots that we had planned later in the afternoon, we did a photo shoot for Armin himself. He hasn't spent much time on the other side of the camera, so he presented this as a challenge for us to capture a variety of shots for him.

Since Armin was our wedding photographer, the bar was set really high to get some great shots. It did help that Armin knew the area super well. He had some ideas of places he'd always wanted to take photos, so we embraced them! Now I know how Jasmine Star must've felt when she was asked to take photos for her mentor and wedding photographer, David Jay.

The goal was to capture the many styles of Armin DeFiesta. In our experience, he has three main photography modes:

Rockstar, (the second one was some cool shot and post-processing by Chris that Armin envisioned at lunch, so props to them for a super cool shot!)


and Fun and Easy Going.

And possibly enlightened from above...? (This was just too funny to leave out.)

Here is Chris in action. I had to document this, because it surely doesn't happen often where the student is taking pictures of the teacher. Chris is sporting the Boda Dry Lens Bag... just for you Armin =)

Thanks Armin for allowing us the honor of photographing you! We really enjoyed it and just love how the pictures turned out =)

Check out Armin's blog for a few more pics from the day. Even though he beat us to the punch with his slideshow of Lindsay and Travis, we have a lot of awesome pics of those two that we'll be posting tomorrow. So keep your eye out for them!


Armin de Fiesta said...

LOL, love the tidbits of story in this post... good job guys, love my photos!!!! Make sure Jasmine & DJ see our parallel stories :)

david & kimi baxter said...

love your images of armin! you did an awesome job! that motion shot kicks butt!!

Courtney said...

Hey you guys :-) Great shots of Armin...he's a sexy beast :) It's so fun to watch you guys grow...you are doing awesome!!


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