Thursday, November 8, 2007

Too early for manual...

So I took my lunch break yesterday to go to downtown Tampa and take some photos along the river. Despite it being really bright around noon I took some pictures of the University of Tampa from across the Hillsborough River... needless to say, they didn't turn out well. It was very bright in the sky and the buildings with their signature minarets were all in the shadows. But there was a cute riverwalk that I explored with a couple bridges. I think the coolest things I saw were the birds. I had fun photographing them.

My other problem is that I decided to shoot manual just to see how things would turn out... I guess they invented automatic for a reason. I am not ready to start getting into that much control yet. I got this new camera and I'm going to let it do most of the work for me from here on out. =)

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