Saturday, November 3, 2007

Photography isn't as easy as it looks...

So I tested out my new camera today for the first time. I went to a park in Oldsmar that is right near part of the Tampa Bay. It was a beautiful day for being outside since the temperature has dipped into the 70s. The park had a beautiful view of the Tampa Bay, some really cool trees, a dock, a bunch of picnic areas, and a playground. So there were a bunch of photo opportunities for still objects. I obviously have a lot to learn when it comes to exposure, but I'd like to think that I might not have quite as much to learn in the composition department =)

The view is really beautiful.

This is a cool stone wall I found to test out the aperture setting.

I liked the manatee sign.
Wooden dock. Sadly there were a lot of bird droppings.
These trees were really cool. And the sky was so gorgeous.
This is just a bridge in the distance.
More cool stone.
Small depth of field with the trees. Also some over exposure in the background.
Love the wood chips. Still playing with DOF.
Still overexposed. The effect is kinda cool tho.
More overexposure and I'm sad cause this looked cool thru the view finder.
I left out most of the 161 pictures that I took. I got stuck on the wrong ISO for way too long and it ruined a good handfull of them. One of my neighbors has volunteered to be my guinea pig for shooting portraits too, so that is on the list of photos to try soon.

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Armin de Fiesta said...

Nice first day out with the XTi!

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