Saturday, January 19, 2008

Philippe Park

I went out looking for a new place to take some portraits and was pleasantly surprised with what I found! I went looking for Philippe Park a few months ago and ended up finding a marina that I thought was the park and didn't think much of it. This time I made sure to check Google Maps before leaving the house. Here are a couple of fun spots I found. Kelly wants a couple beach shots for next weekend, so I found this little spot of sand that might do quite nicely =)

Here are a few nature details that caught my eye. Some bright purple berries, a lone palm tree frond floating in the water, and a tree stump.

Then, all the way at the back of the park I came to the "Historical Mound". Apparently this was made by the native americans and it's the largest remaining mound in the Tampa Bay region. If you've been to the area you know how flat all the land is around here, so hills (or mounds) are hard to come by.

There are so many places for portraits along this trail of stone steps leading up to the top of the mound.

And a fun tree to climb! If you look closely you can see that someone was actually climbing it when I took this picture.


Armin de Fiesta said...

Sweet pics! Sharp and great colors, looks like a nice place to shoot a wedding too :)

Erin Harvey said...

I think there actually was a wedding there today because a guy fishing asked me if I got separated from the wedding party as I walked by him with my camera hanging around my neck. =)

Maggie Colville said...

I love that picture of the berries! They look so bright and beautiful- the color really came out so nice!

Mary Marantz said...

awesome! i love those purple berries!


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