Friday, January 11, 2008

New 70-200 f/2.8 IS Lens!

Dun dun dun... after some great advice from my good friend Armin, I have purchased an amazing lens! He took quite a few of our wedding photos with this lens and I am going to keep at it until I can create the same great quality of photos. This is the newest addition to my photography collection and boy is it heavy! I am so excited to take lots of pictures with it. Chris picked it up for me and we both rushed home last night to take some pictures outside before the light went away. My adorable neighbor from across the street, Evie, so graciously posed for a picture with this beautiful dead leaf she found. Sadly its pretty hard to see the leaf in the picture... but it was a really cool blue and brown color, I promise. =) I took a few pictures to test out the zoom and such but they were pretty dark. So here are a couple shots of the new glass!

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Jasmine said...

ooooh, you're gonna LOVE that lens! ;)

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