Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Outback Bowl

Happy New Year!

Yesterday was a great start to 2008. The VOLS came down for the Outback bowl against Wisconsin and pulled off a not-so-pretty win, 21-17. But hey, after last year's loss in the rain down here, it was a big improvement. Just seeing all the Tennessee orange is always fun and comforting. To add to the experience, Chris and I enjoyed a good burger and greasy fries... and with the temperature dropping throughout the day, they made a nice warm meal! We also met up with a few friends from college that had made the trip down for the game. Here are a few pics we caught with my point and shoot at the game. I always seem to get atleast one picture of Chris and I that I took myself =) That is one good thing about my monkey arms.

Here are a few at the beginning of the game as Tennessee entered the stadium!

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Armin de Fiesta said...

Cool, too bad you don't have a 70-200mm lens yet, it'd go great with the 30D at games. :)

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