Sunday, December 2, 2007

Brandi, my professional model

My neighbor-friend Brandi was nice enough to be my personal model on Saturday so I could get more familiar with photographing people. We went to a park in Tarpon Springs during the brightest part of the day because we had to be back home in time to watch Tennessee lose to LSU... but anyway, we found a couple shaded spots where we struggled to find some decent lighting... I'm glad she is so good looking! Thanks Brandi, and I look forward to more of our photo outings. =)

One day I need to figure out how to make these photos show up larger on the blog since you really need to see them larger to appreciate them, hehe.

*Ok I figured out how to make them bigger, woohoo!

This one was overexposed a bit so I used it as a chance to make an artistic photo =)

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Armin de Fiesta said...

Very nice Erin! Nice use of the light, Brandi is gorgeous!

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