Monday, April 13, 2009

Client Information: Canvas Wrapped Prints

We just received a new 20"x30" canvas wrap sample. We just love this image! The colors and quality are really great! We haven't found a place for it yet so here it is sitting on our buffet table. These are a great piece of art to hang on the wall, and don't even need a frame.

The image can be printed so it gets wrapped around the side as well. We decided to have the image wrap all the way around the canvas for this image. Our first canvas wrap just had black edging because the image didn't work well for a full wrap. This image looks really cool when wrapped and it definitely adds something to the print.

You can see some of the pottery I made, stored in the right side of the buffet. =)

This photo gives you more of a size reference. The 20"x30" is definitely a better size than our first canvas sample which was only a 16"x24". The smaller size of our first one is nice, but it really just isn't big enough to stand on it's own and would look better as a pair or a group of 3. 20"x30" sounds big, but it works best over a small piece of furniture. We love this one so much, we may just hang it up right where it is.


Steve said...

Sweet image, that is a fine art piece if I ever saw one, and perfect for canvas.

Maggie said...

Those are so snazzy!

Lucia said...

Gorgeous print, and I cannot believe you made that pottery. How fun!

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