Sunday, March 29, 2009

More Traveling and the San Diego Zoo

After our trip to Vegas and throughout Arizona, we made our way through the desert of Southern Arizona and mountains of Southern California on our way to San Diego. Our travels brought us really close to the border of Mexico. It looks like the thick black line in this picture is the border fence.

As we made our way closer to San Diego through the mountains, there were all sorts of signs warning us of high winds. It must've been a calm day, since half of these enormous wind turbines were completely still.

One of the biggest tourist attractions in San Diego is Balboa Park and the San Diego Zoo, so we spent almost a full day there. I've seen some of these animals before at the Lowry Park Zoo in Tampa, but it was fun to see them again as well as some that I hadn't seen before. These bears were brothers and, of course, had to play-fight like brothers do. =)

The meerkats are so cute!

We had to wait in a line to see the pandas. They just look so cuddly. =)

This was the first time I've seen polar bears. The one in the water was enormous!

And a video from the observation area under the water.

The rest of Balboa Park had some amazing architecture.

Our last day, we had to check out the beach on the west coast. Coronado Beach was pretty overcast but it had the same feel as the rest of San Diego, really relaxing.

Our trip out west was jam packed full of fun, but quite tiring. We're glad to be home now and looking forward to more great weddings this spring!


Noah Hayes said...

Sweet HDR shots!

ohana photographers - david & kimi said...

yay for the san diego zoo!!!! we love the zoo! totally bummed we missed you guys when you were here :( i'm sure you had a full plate, maybe next time! have an awesome weekend erin and chris!

RhondaK said...

Wow, I enjoyed seeing all the interesting pics. Who knew rocks on the beach could be so beautiful?

Moshe Zusman said...


Been a long time since I last visited your blog! Nice zoo photos, I love the zoo. Was great seeing you and Chris at WPPI, any visits to DC soon?


Armin said...

super cool post, love the pics. I really like the turbine ones! Nice HDR too!

Jason Angelini said...

Great the animals and the cat in the basket!

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