Sunday, August 3, 2008

Wedding - Cincinnati, OH: Heather and Dan

Heather and Dan's wedding went perfectly. Heather was a gorgeous bride, which makes getting great pictures so much easier. Here are some of our favorites from the day.

A few of our favorite details.

Heather's bridesmaids were an awesome group of girls. All of them were incredibly sweet and took great care of Heather on her big day. Also, these girls really knew how to work the camera. Talk about striking a pose! Love it!

Because there were so many beautiful bridal portraits that we loved, it was really hard to narrow them down. Nonetheless, here are a few that really stood out. Heather is really a classic beauty.

We were so happy to hear that Heather and Dan were up for a First Look. We love when our couples are up for the First Look. Having the extra time together before the ceremony really allows for some relaxed photos that usually make some of the best of the day.

It was so sweet capturing them seeing each other for the first time. Heather's face was full of happiness and excitement all day and Dan couldn't hide his either.

Then it was time for some portraits around town. We found some beautifully manicured yards and the homeowners were so supportive and gladly let us use their beautiful gardens for backgrounds.

The ceremony was held at the Heatherwoode Golf Club and had amazing windows that looked out over the golf course. Instead of just tossing her bouquet, Heather tossed all the bridesmaid's bouquets. I guess she didn't want anyone to be left out =)

The first dance.

I loved the sparklers as the couple made their grand exit.

After Heather and Dan left, a few of the bridesmaids wanted to have some fun with the leftover sparklers. It took a while to get the settings right, but the shots turned out to be really cool!

Chris and I just love this last image.

Playing volleyball isn't the only time I wish I were taller. There aren't many things to climb on to get higher on a volleyball court though. Chris got this action shot of me as I was teetering on the bathtub and sink trying to get some shots of Heather getting all dolled up. Just in case you are wondering or noticed, the shot was taken in the mirror. I'm not actually left handed. =P

Thanks guys for the awesome wedding and wonderful hospitality!


Armin DeFiesta said...

Love that last "action shot" =) One of these days we gotta get you guys doing Armin's "Photo Ninja" jumping kick! Good job with the wedding!

Asim Soofi said...

Good job Erin. Kickin' butt :)

Theresa Marie said...

Love the first look shot.
Love the sparkler exit shot.
Love the acrobatics in the bathroom.
Love the one you love!

Beautiful photos guys! :)

Moshe Zusman said...

Great photos Erin and great job documenting!

kennykimdotcom said...

Great wedding! Bride is really pretty. :)
Shane did somethin similar w/ the sparklers too. You should check it ouT!

Zekeshem said...

Absolutely gorgeous! Your bride and groom must be ecstatic with these shots!! You guys rock! :D Yeah, and I'm diggin' the action shot, hehe.

david & kimi baxter said...

love the first time moments! i wish more of my briides wanted to do it. they don't know how much more emotional and awesome it is. awesome job on the wedding erin!!

Florida Wedding said...

Your photography is great, you’ve captured the spirit of each moment, that I’m sure will last a life time.

Erin Harvey said...

Thanks for the love you guys! I had fun with the climbing shot.

@Armin - Maybe next time I'll try the ninja kick and get a better angle. Haha.

@KK - I was so surprised to see the sparklers on Shane's blog cause I think they were the same weekend.

@David - It is so great to have the extra time and special moments together beforehand. I'm so glad they did it! After explaining it, most brides are pretty excited about it. As long as the idea is put out there early enough in the process to plan for it. =)

MattDJ said...

WOW! Absolutely stunning Erin!! I'm totally digging the first look shots. Made me feel some of the butterflies too!!! :-)

Beautiful work. I bet they were thrilled to see these!

Kara May said...

Gorgeous shots - makes me want to photograph weddings - at least for a moment ;)

rebecca-linh rodgers said...

that's one action shot you've got there!
lovely work!

Moshe Zusman said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this set! I mean it 150%
you're up there on the sink, need i say more? Now that's love for photography.

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