Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Bridal Portraits - Cincinnati, OH: Abby

Ok, so this was somewhere between a bridal portrait session and a trash the dress session, but honestly Abby is so gorgeous it might as well have been a model session! Chris's best friend, Eric, was interested in learning more about photography, so Chris decided to give him some hands on training after a little in home tutoring. Eric's wife, Abby, luckily turned out to be an awesome model, which made for great practice. Since Eric and Chris were going to be messing around, I decided to make a mini post-wedding bridal session out of it. Abby got married almost two years ago and since Eric needed a subject to practice on, she decided to pull her wedding dress out of the bag in the closet for some more pictures. I mean really, what else are you going to do with it after the wedding? *hint, hint girls* Day After and Trash the Dress sessions are extremely fun!

The tree was totally Abby's idea, and what a great one! Her eyes are incredible.

This one makes me think of Tarzan and Jane, but wayyyy hotter.

I'm pretty sure this girl has a modeling career ahead of her. You can't teach someone to look this good. =)

This one was probably my favorite from the day.


Armin DeFiesta said...

Beautiful "model", love the last three!

Armin DeFiesta said...

BTW, the close up of Abby on the tree... absolutely stunning! I am drawn right to her striking gorgeous blue eyes. Great composition here, nice job!

Erin J. Photography Blog said...

Those are hot!

leah robbins photography said...

Those are beautiful! And Abby was a great subject - she's as beautiful as always! I hope Eric was able to learn a lot!

Anonymous said...

Ok, so I really have gotten behind! Everything from your trip to Ohio is incredible! The wedding images are amazing, and Abby is STUNNING. I agree about your favorite shot by the tree. Great job! And thanks again for a yummy Smokey Bones dinner and LR and slideshow tips. :)

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