Monday, June 9, 2008

Wedding - Knoxville, TN: David and Molly

Last weekend I made the trip up to Knoxville for my good friend David's wedding. It was a reunion of college friends from all over the eastern United States. It was so great to see everyone again, since some I hadn't seen since we graduated from the University of Tennessee 4 years ago. David was the last one in the group to get married so now I'm not sure what will bring us all together next time.

It is strange attending a wedding as a guest after photographing so many recently. Since most of my good friends were busy being groomsmen I hung out with Molly and took a few getting ready shots.

Here is the adorable flower girl at the rehearsal dinner the evening before the wedding. This was taken with the 135 f/2. I had to wait for her to take a nap before I could get a shot of her holding mostly still. I think she had just gotten up at this point and was too sleepy to make any quick movements.

Flower Girl at the Wedding Rehearsal Dinner

David and his groomsmen let me steal them away for a quick photo before the ceremony. We left in such a rush that we didn't even grab the jackets. It was so hot outside though, I doubt they would have humored me by wearing them anyway. =)

Wedding Photography Shot - Groomsmen Photo

A closeup of the rings and their reflections on a glass table.

Of course I didn't take many pictures of the reception because we were busy "decorating" the car.

Here is one last shot I got of Molly before the ceremony. Isn't she gorgeous? David is a lucky guy!

Tennessee Bridal Portrait with Window Light


Armin de Fiesta said...

Pretty bride! That shot with the 135L is sweet! Man you guys really gave that car some love & attention, lol.

Kimberly Jarman said...

Beautiful!!! Great job... you guys are getting so good!!!

Steve said...

Amazing work guys


you guys papering the car is awesome!!!! wow and that ring shot. mmmm.....crystal (diamond:) clear!!

MattDJ said... mean to tell me that you weren't the official photog for this wedding and you still made these awesome shots?!?!?! w-o-w. :-)

Shane Melenbacker said...

Love the getting ready shots and the rings. Hope all is well. later...

David Burke said...

Erin! Great to hear from you. You are a rockstar!!! I am loving your work. Hope to see you soon.


Anonymous said...

Love the getting ready shots. Awesome job!

ericwa said...
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