Monday, June 23, 2008

Engagement Session - Tampa, FL: Sarah and Vincent

Last Sunday, we met up with Sarah and Vincent at the University of Tampa for their engagement shoot. They are from the Orlando area and had their fingers crossed that the weather would cooperate once they made the drive to Tampa. About half an hour into the shoot, the skies opened up and dumped the inevitable rain on us. Luckily the campus had some beautiful buildings with covered porches that were perfect for the 30 minute retreat while we waited for the storm to pass.

I know they say to try and avoid gray skies in photos, but it really captured the ominous feel of the storm in this one. Also, we have always wanted to shoot at the University of Tampa with this unique sculpture.

They said they weren't very comfortable in front of the camera, but they could've fooled us!

I've always wanted to do some shots in the rain. Finally got the chance!

Sarah is absolutely stunning... we can't WAIT for the wedding in September!

Mmmm... warm sunlight just before sunset. =)

And two feel-good favorites from the day.


Kara said...

You guys are doing such an awesome job at these pics! I love looking at them--they're soo good!!! I really like the structure one and the rain one...the the stair guys do a great job at paying attention to details. We miss you guys at vball though--take a break and come join us sometime :-).
Keep up the great work!!! But don't work TOO hard!!!!

Erin J. Photography Blog said...

You guys are getting better and better! Love them!

Mary Beth Tyson Photography said...

LOVE these! Great rain shot... I usually get scared my camera will melt and run for cover. :-) My favorite is the sunset light shot.


ooooo LOVE that first shot!!!!

Armin DeFiesta said...

Hey not bad! :) Nice job making the best out of any weather situation!


ya know i REALLY like the umbrella shot too!

Erin Harvey said...

Thanks for all the positive feedback guys! I am pretty partial to the umbrella, ella, ella shot myself =) Good thing Chris and I had that lovely overhang to shoot from while we sent the couple out into the rain ;)

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