Saturday, November 15, 2008

Client Information: Canvas Wrapped Prints

As the holidays approach and you're trying to think of gift ideas, here is one that you might not have considered. Canvas wrapped prints are an alternative to framed photos that you hang on the wall. The image is printed on a canvas wrap and then stretched around a wood frame, and all you can see is the photo. The photo itself can be wrapped around the edge or you can choose to have a black or white border. In the photos below you can see an example of the black border.

This first picture shows you how great the print quality is.

Here are a couple shots showing you how the canvas is wrapped around the edges. It is a very clean and modern look.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Wedding - St. Petersburg, FL: Amy and Doug

Amy and Doug got married at the Tradewinds Island Resorts on St. Pete Beach and Chris and I were blown away by this place! The resort is huge with lots of different tropical areas you can get lost in. It was a beautiful day for a beach wedding, and Amy and Doug were such a fun, laid back, couple.

When we first met with Amy we were totally excited when she said she knew she wanted an album and a trash the dress session, haha! We instantly fell in love... ok, well at least we knew we were going to have a lot of fun together. =) She also has a passion for photography and even asked our advice on what kind of lens to bring with her on the trip she and Doug took to Africa a couple months ago. Amy got some really cool shots on their trip! Especially of the giraffes. =)

Here are a few of our favorites from the day.

Wedding photo at the Tradewinds Island Resorts

They chose a First Look so we had time for a bunch of pictures before the ceremony. It gave us a LOT more time to venture around the resort for photos.

I loved the bubbles as the couple was announced Mr. and Mrs.

Florida beach wedding on St. Pete Beach

I think Doug is a little excited. =)

After the ceremony, we headed down to the beach for a few more shots. I just love these next two!

Creative wedding photo on the beach

The reception was held on an outdoor patio near the pool. It was so nice to have the first dance outside, with the beautiful sea breeze, just before sunset.

We hope you two had a great time in Mexico on your honeymoon, and Amy, we can't wait to trash your dress!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

WebSite is fine. Got a new toy!

Sorry it took me so long to post this. The website actually switched over to our new host in the middle of the night, so most people probably didn't notice anything happened so that is good. Anyway, all is back to normal.

Now on to the good news! We got a new toy: the Canon 100mm F/2.8 USM Macro! Big, super sweet ring shots here we come.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Web Hosting Issues =(

Our web host provider is causing us some major issues right now. We are currently in the process of moving to a new host. In the meantime, hang in there with us while we switch.

How Erin is feeling:

To potential clients:
If you filled out the Contact Form on our Website and didn't hear back from us, please shoot us an email directly or give us a call. Email until we can get our new site up and running. (Should be about 3 days)

To current clients:
Your slideshows may temporarily stop working, but it should only be down for a couple of days. All of the images on your InstaProofs gallery will remain fully functional. Please also hold off on sending us email to our normal images account.

We are really sorry for this and we'll let you know as soon as everything is back the way it should be!

Erin & Chris

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Wedding - St. Petersburg, FL: Allyson and Jeronimo

Allyson and Jeronimo got married at the Renaissance Vinoy in St. Petersburg and with the help of Stephanie, everything about their wedding day was perfect. In addition to the gorgeous venue, the weather and the lighting were amazing all day, and Dana Dineen put together some incredibly beautiful flower arrangements and bouquets. When we first met with Allyson and Jeronimo, we knew they'd look amazing on their wedding day and boy were we right! In addition to being "ridiculously good looking" (said in the Zoolander voice) they were so sweet and made us feel like part of the family. Even both of their families couldn't stop saying how excited they were to become one happy family, and it made for such a loving atmosphere.

First, here is a shot of the ceremony site from the 5th floor suite that Allyson got ready in.

Renaissance Vinoy wedding location in the Tea Garden

Allyson getting her hair did.

This great big window was totally dramatic so we had to get this shot.

Renaissance Vinoy bridal photo

I had so much fun with the bridals. This girl just couldn't take a bad photo.

We were really glad Allyson and Jeronimo were up for a First Look. It gave us SO much more time for pictures throughout the day since their ceremony was scheduled pretty late. This was when they first saw each other. They were both filled with emotion and the way they looked at each other was just adorable. You could see them both light up and the world disappeared when they locked eyes.

This was our favorite from the day. =)

Working it. =)

The Vinoy had so many great spots for photos!

The couple even arranged for an antique car to stop by for photos. We weren't sure if it was actually going to work out, then we got the word that it had arrived! This was one of our favorites. These two really know how to ham it up for the camera. =)

unique wedding photo at the renaissance vinoy in st. petersburg, florida

After the ceremony, we took a walk down by the water for a few sunset shots. Can you say models? Big props to Chris for his vision on this one. =)

Here are a few details from the reception. I have to say it again, the flowers were just gorgeous!

It was so easy to photograph these two. They were just totally into each other all day long. Thanks for such a great day and for making us feel like family. =) We wish you guys nothing but happiness!

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