Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Traveling the Pacific Northwest: San Francisco

Last week we flew out to the west coast of the country to take a road trip from San Francisco up to Seattle and see a few things in between. We started our trip by flying into San Fran and staying there for a couple days. We left the tropical storms of Florida and were met by much cooler temperatures and lots of wind.

On our first night we decided that the hilly streets were a bit much and opted for some touristy public transportation, the Trolley Cars. Our first destination was the crooked Lombard Street. It was quite the tourist hangout and we saw a good number of people take the drive down the curvy street.

The view from the top of the street was pretty amazing.

The next day we wandered down around the Embarcadero Plaza area and took a few pictures of the Bay Bridge. It doesn't seem to get as much attention as the Golden Gate but it is really beautiful as well.

Our next tourist visit was to the Coit Tower which sits on top of a hill that you can see from the top of Lombard Street.

It is quite the vantage point to see all parts of the city. From the lookout you can see all the way from the Bay Bridge to the Golden Gate.

We decided to do the Alcatraz night tour which included a boat tour that circled around the island as the sun was going down. This was probably the coldest part of the trip because the wind was so intense and brisk.

We even got to see the sunset behind the Golden Gate from our spot on the island.

For our last full day in San Fran we rented bikes and rode along the water and up to the Golden Gate bridge. If I haven't stressed it enough yet, that city is hilly! The views along the water were really gorgeous as we made our way toward the bridge.

Riding across the bridge was quite an experience with it being so crowded and the wind blowing so hard.

Then, inevitably, the fog began to roll in as we headed back toward the city.

Stay tuned for the next part of the trip.


Kara said...

LOVE THESE!!!!!! Great job with the pictures...I want to go RIGHT.NOW! :-)

Armin said...

Awesome images... makes me wanna go back!

Anonymous said...

Oh wow, great pictures! I'm really glad I didn't read your blog before now. I NEVER would've signed up for that marathon! hehe

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