Sunday, February 17, 2008

Portraits: Trae and Jayme

This weekend we took pictures for our friends Trae and Jayme. Being photographers in sunny Florida is great because it was in the 80s and it's still February! These two were real troopers and allowed Chris and me to drag them all over the park. We found some great light which totally made it worth it! Here are a few of the pictures that Chris and I took. They are just so photogenic!

Jayme has the most beautiful smile!

We ran across a firetruck in the middle of the park. The firefighters of Safety Harbor 53 wanted to get out and enjoy the beautiful day too. They were kind enough to let us take a couple of pictures with the truck. Here's one of my favorites.

Then Chris decided he had to climb in the trees to get the shot he wanted:

He ended up getting some great shots so it was worth it:

Here are a couple more sweet moments from the day:

Thanks for hanging out and taking pictures with us!


Armin de Fiesta said...

Outstanding! Cool shot of Chris in action too.

Grace said...

I love unconventional shooting angles - keep climbing those trees! (BTW, I'm Armin's album designer so I feel like I know you guys well :) )

Courtney said...

Everything looks fantastic,except that Canon that Chris is holding...kinda ruins it for me. hahaha!

Nikon forever :)

These shots are awesome guys!! Great work...keep it up!

Courtney :)

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